Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rogers Park EveryBlock Of Late

That's one super moon dude!

J.V. gardener and future emperor

I'm actually beginning to think that the whole "Joe Lake" account wasn't actually Joe Lake but the same character, because the patterns are all the same as Kat and Kyros suggest. Joe Lake, IBC, "Revolution" and probably many others (not doubt the duplicate Delm(a)r could be the same bored mother's-basement-sociopath.

The pattern: Phase one: reasonable comments for a few days: lots of them. Second phase: argumentative but reasonable. Third phase (the "pulls the pin out of the grenade and holds it in his-hand" phase): all hell breaks loose and character clogs site with non sensical rants and seems to taunt the moderators to shut him down. He usually creates a few "burner" accounts mimicking someone else and posting horrible stuff just to add to the chaos. After 46 mutes or so, he and his puppets vanish... Phase Four: his mom grounds him from the computer for a week and we wait until his reincarnation appears...

(Astute explanation of the RP Everyblock cycle or syndrome. This quote is just too good to get lost in the shuffle.)

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