Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Community Policing in the 24th District:

Snazzy dumpster in Jargowood

Community CAPS meetings will no longer be Sector meetings (covering Beat 2422, 2423 and 2424) held monthly.  Instead each Beat will have a community meeting every-other month with Beat cops attending.

Jargonauts in residence for the past 20 years or so understand that these meetings are supposed to provide a venue for citizens to hear what the police have been seeing in our immediate community and for the police to listen to concerns from citizens who show up at these meetings.  Citizens who don't show up will have to make other arrangements to communicate concerns to the police.  This is an opportunity to discuss any gang/drug concerns or other possible illegal/suspicious activities observed by citizens - as well as potential danger spots.

Beat 2422 covers the area between the Lake (on the east), Clark Street (on the west) Jarvis (on the south - but just the north side of Jarvis) and the City Limits (Howard Street west of the CTA tracks and Calvary Cematery east of the CTA tracks).  Beat 2422 will next meet on Tuesday Sept 23 at 7 pm at Willye White Fieldhouse at Howard and Marshfield.

Beat 2423 covers the area between the Lake (on the east), Clark Street (on the west), Lunt (on the south - but just the north side of Lunt), Jarvis (on the north - but just the south side of Jarvis).  Beat 2423 will next meet Monday Sept 8 at 7 pm at Touhy Park on Paulina just south of Jarvis.  I believe this is the evening when the Touhy Park Advisory and Sherwin Chase Neighbors also have a meeting scheduled.

Also - these two CAPS beats apparently are only concerned with the east side of Clark Street (not the west - that would be Beat 2424 which will meet on Tuesday Sept 16 at 7 pm at Pottawattomie Park Fieldhouse (Rogers and Winchester).  No one is concerned about crime in the water east of the beach front - only if evidence washes on shore.  The Beat meetings are determined by the Chicago Police Department and they are impacted by budget concerns and police attendance may not happen if something horrid has happened at 7 pm on the scheduled date.  Be safe out there.

The Jargowood Block Club will meet on Tuesday September 2 at 7:30 pm at Chalet Living Center at 7350 N Sheridan Road.  Meeting notice and agenda will be transmitted shortly before Labour Day.

Please mark your calendar for Sept 2 (Jargowood), Sept 8 (Beat 2423) and Sept 23 (Beat 2422)

Lorraine Dostal

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