Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Please Help Me Get A Kidney Transplant"

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Last profile update on Barry McCarus' Facebook page (July 10th).

"I Need A Kidney Urgently!

I was in love with life, living for music and art in Europe and the United States, before I was diagnosed with 98% kidney failure. 

Now I'm chained to a dialysis machine and I feel my life is ruined. I have never known such sadness. Where did my life go? 

A kidney-transplant would give my life back to me, but the longer I wait, the smaller the chances of success will become.


A healthy person can live a full and happy life with just one kidney. I hope there is a kind soul somewhere willing to donate the gift of life.

Full Details Call (850) 745-0465 Or E-Mail :

Thank You, Barry McCarus"

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