Monday, August 11, 2014

Meet The Man Behind The Chimney Stack

Damen & Birchwood Winter 2012

Bernard Garbo posted an essay about his neighbor Tony Garcia who fought to make his neighborhood a safe and interesting place. The following is an excerpt. Please click here to read the post in its entirety at 8th ward Quick Topic Forum.
Most of you probably never met Tony Garcia. Some of you may have passed the corner of Birchwood & Damen (Custer, one block south of Howard) and admired the roses and flowers blooming on the north west corner .. or, around Christmas, chuckled at the "chimney stack," placed over the flower bed, with only Santa's legs visible. If so, you have Tony and his husband, Tim Schannep, to thank. Neither one sought recognition for beautifying Damen nor for the years they devoted to being active neighbors .. all of which contributed to what 24th District Commander Thomas Waldera calls the biggest "turnaround" in the 24th district: the Howard & Damen/Custer area.
Hopefully this story will inspire other neighbors to do the same in Rogers Park or wherever they live. There are plenty of examples of neighbors taking back the neighborhood. But its always nice to hear one more.

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