Saturday, August 2, 2014

Extra! Extra! Red Eye Distribution @ Howard "L"!

"Anybody want a free paper?"

The man in red carefully folds the Red Eyes into stacks of ten in three or four separate piles. In the modern world when you rush to work you get a free paper. Most people have to open a Red Eye or Reader or Onion newspaper box and bend down to get one.

But on many weekdays those lucky enough to catch the "L" at the Howard stop can grab a paper the old fashioned way. From the newspaper man.

The only downside this past Friday is that the Red Eye guy was sporting a very dirty shirt. Best way Red Eye could improve their free paper handout? A clean shirt barking out the day's headlines.

Kids and nutsos alike have fun with newspapers. Like the mad newspaper woman of Paulina.

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That shirts been through a lot. How bout we give it a day off?

Art installation or Reader's new dispersal system?

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