Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Brick Paved Rogers @ "L" Viaduct

Some of the exposed brick was patched a few months ago (pics from early summer/late spring). Given enough time and wear and tear perhaps the road would revert back to all brick? Only if we lived in a Mad Max post apocalypse (gasoline powered cars and complete anarchy).

Chicago is losing its brick paved streets one by one. DNAinfo.com reports that a stretch of Bloomingdale Avenue is biting the dust. In the article CDOT calls the brick paved street "outdated".

As far as urban planning goes all of Chicago is "outdated". No one is out there planning any sort of city or neighborhood remotely resembling the street grid and density of Chicago. Hence "gentrification" due to supply and demand.

8/5/14 11:58 pm - Thanks to Clark Street we know that the white rectangle north of the "L" at Marshfield and Rogers is an ATC (Automatic Train Control) signal system used to stop train crashes. Not an electrical substation.

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Clark St. said...

That's not an electrical substation.
It's part of the ATC signal system, which keeps the trains from colliding with each other.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Thanks for the info! It does buzz with activity....