Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crowded Tow Zone

8-12-14 a.m.

You would be hard pressed to squeeze anymore cars into this tow zone in the 7400 block of north Marshfield. Straight ahead is Dubkin park.

The white car was parked all last night in the alley. This isn't a case of someone loading or unloading items with their flashers on. Its a case of three cars willfully parking illegally day after day.

What good are laws if no one enforces them? Making sure that this is a safe neighborhood includes ticketing scofflaws. Letting people skirt the law tells us to lower our expectations. This just isn't that nice of an area. What do you expect? Is that what we should think of where we live?

Dropping someone off or your groceries at 7641 N Marshfield is much harder when someone is blocking the entrance. Turning the corner from Marshfield into the alley is a lot tougher when someone is partially blocking egress.

The crowded tow zone was called in last night and this morning. Surely the local police will come by and check it out and act accordingly.

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