Monday, August 4, 2014

Gang Tagged Courtyard Apt Building On Damen

The courtyard building (7381 N Damen - defunct website) with the graffiti covered gangway as seen on Broken Heart is on the same block where a 40 year old man was shot. Its actually a beautiful building. On Ultra Local Geography you can see what the original gate looked like.

As the advertisement states the building has two bedrooms available. Amenities include laundry on site, updated kitchens, heat included, hardwood floors.

The city should have an emergency Graffiti Blasters crew that takes down gang graffiti within 24 hours. Taggers who vandalize the city cause mayhem on a daily basis. But gang graffiti marks territory inviting reprisals and retribution. 

Driving down Damen you can't help but think why is this street south bound only? When you enter Chicago via Custer its a one way trip. No easy return to Evanston. Damen really should be widened and converted to two way traffic. Another example of how Evanston and Chicago have turned their backs on each other at the border.

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Newspaper circulars really dress up the front yard

Is that why its called a gangway?

North side of 7381 N Damen looking west

Another nice courtyard just north of 7381 N Damen

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