Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Shootings

Record breaking cold and above average snowfall hasn't stopped the Far North side gangs from fighting over territory. What will it be like when its warm out?

Gang graffiti keeps appearing and kids are being shot.  The Buddha head at Clyde and Howard has brought good karma. But even that isn't enough to stop the violence on a very snowy Saturday.

A candle light vigil will be held tomorrow 6 pm at Pratt and Clark where Markeyo Carr was gunned down in broad day light Feb 5th. Perhaps the recent shooting on Howard was in retaliation?

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An x has been carved into the sleeping Buddha and graffiti covers the bus station shelter. Graffiti is not unheard of in Evanston but it certainly isn't common. Evanston Now actually tweets reports of graffiti.

The former Vet Center building (the Vet Center moved late last year to California and Dodge) appears to be completely vacant. One space still has a notice from '09 when a clinic moved to Dempster. A very key building and corner in the rebirth of Howard's commercial district. Currently shows signs of neglect and promise.

This building would be a great place for? Rogers Park and Evanston are in sore need of many types of businesses. Like a bookstore, hardware store, a thai or _____ restaurant, non urban clothing store, toy store, non video game store, record store, theatre etc, etc. Basically something that gives people a reason to walk down the street and get off at the Howard red line stop.

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