Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Biddy Mulligans Wasting Away

Biddy Mulligans' signage is still up inside the foyer of 7644 N Rogers Avenue. An empty gas can (at least we hope it is) and mail sits below on a ledge. A no smoking sign looks out of place since the smoking ban happened after the bar closed. (The origin of the name Biddy Mulligan is from a song from the thirties/forties about a Dublin street seller. There are Biddy Mulligans bars all over the world. Too bad the one in Rogers Park bit the dust.)

A writer for Chicago Magazine waxes nostalgic about using fake ID's to drink at Biddy Mulligans in the early nineties. It had a habit of opening and closing and opening and closing.

The Rogers Park Review believed that the owner of the corner properties at Rogers and Sheridan was land banking. According to RP Review (in 2006) Sargon Isaac owns 7630-40 N Sheridan, 7644-46 N Sheridan and 7650-54 N Sheridan (the yellow courtyard building north of Biddy Mulligans).  At that time Biddy was open under the monicker Island Groove Cafe. Joe Moore refused to support their bid for a liquor license in 2007.

Back in 2005 there was a plan to knock the corner property (that houses R and V liquors) down and put up a 40 unit condo building.

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lu bc said...

For a spell, maybe in late 1980's or early 1990's, the upstairs of Biddy Mulligan's housed a studio of an indie dress designer. She passed away prematurely, vacating the studio. I remember her styles at Marshall Fields on State Street (similar to Betsey Johnson of NYC who sells at Macy's). I was surprised reading a fashion designer was at this location. The famous were both upstairs and downstairs at BM's.

P.S. The 40 unit residence would have knocked the Lakefront Protection Ordinance off its feet, heightwise.

everett seems said...

Sargon is a prick and one of the worst land lords EVER

everett seems said...

Sargon Issac is a Terrible landlord, no better than a piece of dog dung