Friday, February 14, 2014

Eighty Percent Ice Bound

Lake Michigan hasn't seen this much ice since 1979.

Its not likely to beat that benchmark with temperatures expected to reach the forties next week.

Grand Rapids Michigan's local news channel 8 WOOD has a blog devoted to weather and lake related news. It is postulated that ice formation on the great lakes may help restore the lake's water levels (by decreasing evaporation).

Somewhere around eleven thousand people have visited the caves of the Apostle Islands (Lake Superior coast near Bayfield Wisconsin) this past weekend. This is a rare opportunity. Usually the caves are only reachable by kayak.

Ice caves have formed on the eastern coast of Lake Michigan.

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Diane Galleher said...

Beautiful photos! The lake has been so magical this winter.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Thanks Diane. Yes its been fun checking out areas ordinarily underwater.

As mentioned in one of the linked articles this cold weather may help replenish lake water levels.

Lake Michigan has been losing water for years.