Friday, February 28, 2014

The Case Of The Missing License Plates

Why did State Representative Kelly Cassidy comment on The Case Of The Missing Driveway? The only logical answer is that she lives close by. Actually she lives next door.

Day in and day out motorists block the driveway of 7632 N Ashland with no response or action from Ms. Cassidy. Would that be the case if Joe Moore lived next door?

Kelly Cassidy's solution to the trash disposal situation was not to make sure that the driveway was free and clear. Her answer was to call Streets and Sanitation to have the garbage can removed. Since then a couple more garbage cans have been placed there by this writer. The garbage cans keep disappearing.

Update - 2-28-14 10:25 am - This problem was discussed with Wayne Frasier at the alderman's office.

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This writer knocked on the door of the State Representative to see why this lawless car was allowed to block a hundred year old driveway.

The house sitter answered the door and said that he would let her know about the situation when she got home the next day.

A car with no identification is blocking the State Representative's neighbor's driveway unquestioned. Does this make you feel safe? Shouldn't Jarvis and Ashland be benefitting from extra attention when a politician of this stature moves in?

Can anyone imagine this happening in our neighboring city to the north; Evanston, Illinois?

911 was called. Ward 49 and Streets and Sans will be called as well. The fight to have trash service for 7632 N Ashland will continue. After all littering of the adjacent area doesn't stop just because someone moved out.


Bea said...

What I don't appreciate is you putting on a blog that someone is house-sitting for us. Unnecessary. As for your other comments, I won't address them because then I'm feeding the troll. Stay off of my property. Kelley Quinn.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

A troll who cares about the neighborhood.

Rep. Kelly Cassidy said...

As you know, I have been working on getting the bank to take care of the property for years. Having the building designated as abandoned finally put them on notice and they have hired a security company. That hasn't meant that we haven't had to continue doing snow removal, which has clearly been no small feat. When you began filling up the garbage can, I finally had to ask streets and san to come empty it as it was getting nasty. They explained that since the property was abandoned, it shouldn't have a cart or pickup service and they would not regularly collect the trash. As it is private property, I do not enter the property and have continued to pick up trash and clear snow from the sidewalk amd parkway. Any trash I collect, I simply put into my cart.
As for your revelation that there is a house sitter at my house today, for someone concerned about neighborhood safety, that's an incredibly foolish move. Revealing that we are away places our home, our friend who is staying there & our family at risk and I am shocked that you would do such a thing. My partner is furious. In future, I ask that you please refrain from involving my home and family in your activities. If you need to contact me, I can easily be reached through my district office at 7737842002 or

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

This writer changed the trash can so there was no build up of trash.

The trash can was exchanged for another. So that is not an issue.

This writer will continue to make sure that a trash can is available there to make sure that it doesnt look abandoned and that there is a place to put trash.

Why isn't the house sitter calling in abandoned cars next to your house? Having a house sitter isn't a foolish move. Its a smart one. Cars with no plates sitting unquestioned is foolish.

I hope that in the future you are a better neighbor. Thanks.

Patrol Officer B. said...

This was an exceptionally unwise posting as it certainly appears as what could be considered “targeted” and involving an elected public official. The companion postings on Mr. Gordon’s alleged “political discussion” page indicates that this posting was not accidental. Mr. Gordon’s permission for a completely off-topic posting that had nothing to do with political discussion complicates this matter as one in which multiple parties appear to be complicit. Mr. Gernhardt’s reference to Jeff-O, knowing his ongoing personal relationship with Jeff Olson, makes these postings on at least two different websites even more interesting. Since Mr. Versical already has used the word “stalking” there are many red flags that this episode raises. As I said, this was an exceptionally indiscrete and unwise posting and a seemingly very complicated web of interactions. Administering a public blog is not done without some rather grave responsibilities.