Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blocked In @ Pritzker's Construction Site

Groundhog Day morning

If there is so much parking in our neighborhood why are two cars illegally parked at the construction entrance of the soon to be built Pritzker garage? These cars were still parked there after sundown.

No parking, no estacionarse, and in large black letters DO NOT BLOCK on the gate. A big red pickup truck is trapped in the vacant lot. The white van has been sitting there at least since the last snow fall Friday night. Ironically signs posted state security cameras are in use. But cars blocking the driveway? No big deal?

Maybe these guys will rent spots when the new parking garage opens? For a better look click the photo.

Theories and calculations (like Steve Vance's - How Many Cars Are In Rogers Park) make for interesting discussions. Analyzing human behavior and the world as it really is however is more challenging.

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lu bc said...

The public alley south of it is blocked by a fence. What right do they (or the property south of them) have to put a fence there?