Thursday, February 20, 2014

By Appointment Only

New city fees regarding hanging signs have forced many businesses to take them down (rather than pay the fee or fill out the paperwork). Making it look like some operations have shuttered their doors.

Dr Z. Usman's (aka Dr "Z") schedule depends on how many dog or cats need to be seen that day. Usually the hospital is open somewhere around ten o'clock and closes around two or three during the week. Saturday hours tend to run a bit longer. He still performs smaller operations and procedures on cats. Dr. Z has retired from operating on dogs mainly because of the weight.

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Its too bad the neon sign isn't left on night. Great for advertising and it adds charm to Clark street. Not too many old fashioned storefront vet offices let alone those run by solo practitioners.

Most vets that came over to America from India found other jobs. Many of them working for the FDA or for large companies to make sure that U.S. meat is safe. It is not easy for an immigrant to get a spot in a U.S. vet residency.

Hopefully an apprentice will join the practice to keep RPAH open. The Rogers Park Animal Hospital hearkens back to a time when mom and pop businesses lined main street. Like the neighborhood druggist, butcher, dentist, grocer, etcetera.

Dr. Z is a practical veterinarian with years of experience. Some people need a second or third opinion before they come to a diagnosis. He has a unique perspective and knowledge when it comes to treating cats and dogs. Some Americans believe that when you get older you grow young (and they apply those beliefs to their pets). No you grow older as you get older. Its a matter of figuring out how to deal with those challenges and to go with the flow.

Rogers Park Animal Hospital at 6812 N Clark is still open for business. To make an appointment call 773-973-7748 or 847-933-1633.

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