Monday, February 10, 2014

Howard Street's Frozen Terminus

It was premature back in January to think that the ice ridge would recede. Now the path from Fargo to Howard beach is a well worn path. No one has attempted the Howard to Rogers beach traverse. Nor should they. Walking from Fargo to Howard may seem safe but it isn't.

One of the few places by the lake (north side) rap music blasts from parked cars. Hand painted signs remind visitors and residents to refrain from diving and swimming off the concrete barrier at Howard's end. There should be a new sign warning folks to not walk on the ice.

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Lake Michigan ice is more dangerous than average lake ice. The lake is too large to completely freeze
“The ice shelf is like that, blocks of ice that are pushed together and refreeze,” Bumgardner said. “They are full of air pockets and full of dangers.”
It is irresistible for many to walk on shelf ice. It is unstable. If people don't understand why its dangerous they will be lulled into a false sense of security.
Those who venture out onto shelf ice should beware, Bumgardner said. A person could fall into a pocket of ice up to his neck and be trapped in 32-degree lake water that would “instantly drain you.” 
“You could be stuck in a great wall of ice,” Bumgardner said. “The hole can close back up behind you and lock you in.”
Michigan City police urge residents to not walk onto lake ice because of the hidden ice pockets. Some people have even been taking their kids sledding on the ice.

This past week Milwaukee firemen have been practicing ice rescues on Lake Michigan. The firefighter says that the thicker the ice the more difficult the rescue.

Yesterday an autistic young girl had wandered onto the ice at Montrose harbor. She was rescued by firefighters and treated at a nearby hospital for low temperature related injuries.

Why are people walking on Lake Michigan ice in Rogers Park? Ignorance, boredom and curiosity. There are many parts of the RP's lake front that ordinarily are off limits that people want to check out. City leaders are thinking about creating a bike path connecting Edgewater to Rogers Park.

There really should be another path connecting Evanston to Rogers Park all the way down to Edgewater. The lakefront belongs to the citizens of the city and state.

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