Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Temperance Beer On Tap @ R Public House

R Public House started carrying Temperance Beer on tap back in November.

Evanston historically is a dry town. The first liquor license was issued in the 1970's. So it was only natural that the first brewery in Evanston be named Temperance. WBEZ's small blip on Temperance.

Prairie Moon hosted the launch party of Temperance Beer Co. September 18th. The Temperance Brewing Company pub opened December 20th 2013.  16 reviews on Yelp, overall average rating is 4.5

Temperance sells growlers which will come in handy walking down Howard for refills at the Peckish Pig.

Editors note 2/12/14 7:10 pm - Apparently growlers are usually brewery specific. Its a liability thing. Peckish Pig are supposed to be selling their own growlers.

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