Friday, February 7, 2014

Engine Company Number 71

This firehouse has been in operation since the WM E. Dever administration (1927). The new fire stations may be more practical but they sure don't have the same charm.

Engine Company 71, 6239 N California, is part of the 2nd District and 9th Battalion (which includes the fire station at 7340 N Clark in Rogers Park).

Red and green lights on firehouses is said to have originated at around the same time (1927-1931) this firehouse was built.  This link from the Warrrenville Fire Protection District states it was fire commissioner Albert Goodrich who began the tradition. But the plaque here states that Joseph Connery was fire commissioner in 1927.

Red light is port, green is starboard? No one really knows if that's true but its a tradition.

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