Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lake Michigan Islands

Lake Michigan's South Chippewa Basin is normally devoid of islands. Remnants of shelf ice now float in the frozen fresh waters off Chicago's coast.

Northern Lake Michigan has islands. (The largest island in Lake Michigan is Beaver Island. It used to be a Mormon stronghold. After founder Joseph Smith died most Mormons recognized Brigham Young as successor. A smaller faction followed James Strang onto Beaver Island in 1848. Read the Wikipedia entry for more on this lesser known Mormon offshoot that founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.)

Upper Lake Michigan lays claim to most ice islands as well.

Earlier today one human student decided to go for a walk on the thin, see-through lake ice near the Chicago Yacht Club.

Update 2/27/24 4:40 pm - Here is the video of the ice walk yesterday.

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