Monday, October 27, 2014

Who's Vandalizing The Witch's Hat?

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Its no secret this house has suffered neglect and parts of it are falling apart. Slats of wood have been rotting beneath the back porch for years. These slats were ripped off in the past week. They didn't just throw themselves onto the ground one day.

Back gate still won't shut after someone removed the latch. A caulking gun sits on the garage roof after some home improvement? Incidentally the orange notice on the garage is gone. Maybe it won't be knocked down after fall (after all)?

Vandalism and hanging out on Witch's Hat property isn't new either. Check out the old graffiti under the porch. Keeping an eye on vacant properties and picking up the trash routinely is key to stopping further destruction. Halloween is right around the corner. Let's be extra vigilant and take up the slack the bank just won't.

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