Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Some Corporation Name" Or Gallagher's Is Open Again

"We reserve the right to hold your I.D. cards
 until you leave premises"

Whatever its called its been open about three weeks. Atmosphere laid back. Low key accordion music seeps out into the dead Tuesday night air. The bar could be somewhere, anywhere in the desert or Southwest. The other octagon has a barely functioning neon parrot (Corona). If this place was really turning over a new leaf you would think maybe a different paint job or updated neon signs.

Two men came out to see why someone was taking pictures. "You like taking pictures of scenic places or something?" Nah, just wanted to see what was going on with this place. What's its name? Is it still called Gallaghers? "No man, its some corporation name". "You should come in for a drink." No man that's okay, tired, what night is it anyways? Oh yeah Tuesday night, gotta go, thanks guys.

Not completely hostile. But with smart alec answers like that would you want to go inside for a beer? If someone were taking pics outside Mayne Stage or any of the other various drinking establishments in the RP would someone be dispatched to see why the curiosity (about a new bar opening)? 1770 W Greenleaf's last drinking establishment Gallagher's was shut down November 2012 after a stabbing. Sidenote; the sidewalk makes an irregular diagonal jag in near the bar. Makes for a weird parking spot.

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cpapunk said...

I've walked by it a few times, but I couldn't tell if it was open or just people working inside. Small windows are very hard to look into, and even then they covered one up with a paper flyer.