Monday, October 13, 2014

In The Heart Of Rogers Park?

You wake up and its forty years ago today at 7242 N Damen. A polite black dog with a red collar sips a martini at the bottom of the ashtray where your lit cigarette rests. Everyone is smoking inside the bar.

Reality starts shifting between the past and the present. Half the time you are in a front room with your smoke with people you don't know. They look at the smoking stick in your hand with horror.

Streets are deader today in many parts of the city because so many corner bars closed. Converted to living space or torn down to become residential. We weren't necessarily better off with more bars. Made for a more active urban life though. Right now Damen and Rogers is pretty barren.

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mcl said...

The original Scot's (Scotty's) was on Clark Street....