Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stakeout On Wayne

Another sleepless night waiting for something or nothing to happen. My partner snaps some pics to pass the time. Sitting in the jalopy for the second night in a row on a likely bum tip. No one fits the description of the perp or their "friend". College kids, drug addicts, drug pushers, punks, hipsters, hipster wannabes, blue collar, white collar, nondescript, and senior citizens walk by.

Rain slows to a fine drizzle. The "L" train stops less and and less frequently dropping off less and less pedestrians and possible suspects. Fred finally notices the person of interest in between paper airplanes and footballs on the small dash monitor. She enters the building through the back entrance. Good thing this detective had the foresight to set up a throwaway cam on Glenwood. Hope this pans out. Nothing worse than a wasted stake out.

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