Thursday, October 2, 2014

El Ruisenor (The Nightingale) Learning Center On Ridge

This probably represents the 7245 N Ridge house's aspirations. Well probably not the actually house's but its illegal occupants'. A community meeting is held here at 7463 N Ridge on the first and third Wednesday of every month dealing with evictions and foreclosures. Lo and behold one of the names on the flyer is Jorge. Chances are it just might be housing activist/squatter Jorge Ortiz of bank owned 7245 N Ridge.

Reading the fence further September 21st is international day of peace. Created by the United Nations in a 1981 resolution only officially ratified in 2001. Everyday is something, Only three hundred and sixty five of them. A cheery, happy house covered with colorful childhood drawings accentuated by bottle caps and tops.

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