Thursday, October 30, 2014

The End Is Nigh

Garden Closes November 2nd

Rules of the garden.

Absolutely no trash in the super sacks! Compost cannot be processed with trash - if there is trash in here, it is not picked out - all of the great organic matter and nutrients are thrown out instead

Clearing out your bed :

-Cut off plant stems at soil level and leave the roots in the ground. OR pull out plants, but SHAKE OFF ALL SOIL INTO BED. Excess soil in the super sack slows the decomposition process when making compost and leaves your bed with less soil for next year.

-Leave perennials: chives, horseradish,strawberries, mint, thyme, oregano, tarragon, raspberries, and sage in the ground. They will grow back next year.

-Bring rosemary indoors - it will not survive a Chicago winter.

-Lay trellises flat on bed.

-Absolutely no extra pots, fertilizer, bags or containers may be left in walkways.

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Other rules and questions answered

Please write out of town date and plot number here, erase when you get back.

You may not plant in plots that are not yours. 

Clean tools before placing in the basket

Question - Can this be changed? ( Re : Closing date November 2nd) Some greens like a little frost. 


Question - Should perennials be cut down to the roots too?

Answer - YES

Question - Squash, cucumber, ?plant, leaves yellow and powdery residue? brown spots? 


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