Sunday, October 19, 2014

Third Time's The Charm

Sports bar with environmentally progressive decor is very cool and bizarre. 6800 N Sheridan (still inscribed "Community, Awareness, Respect and Environment.") has the buzz, atmosphere, food, drink, staff to make it at this high rent corner of the RP.  Its still self serve. Instead of a coffee bar a fry bar and a booze here section.

Late Sunday lunch  consisted of deep dish pizza (sweet tomato sauce!), Philly cheese stake (steak i mean and worth the ten minute wait), the Bears game (well....). What more can you ask for? Rogers Park has a new hangout. Film crew was there for an interview at the back table.

If you haven't come out of your crypt or coffin in the past few months your missing some good grub. So dust off the cobwebs, shake your creaking bones, take a long overdue shower, be sure to lock the mausoleum door (remember what happened last time?) and take a stroll down to Pratt and Sheridan for some good vibes and lunch or dinner.

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