Friday, October 10, 2014

Helen Miller Was Here

This real photo Postcard from Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois shows Apartment at (6922 and 69)24 Greenview Avenue with Helen Milles (r) seated out front - photo by H.B. Brooks - Photograph Postcards - Chicago, Illinois early 1900's.

5 days to go on this postcard auction. One bid at 2.99 so far. Always nice to refresh the memory that years ago there weren't all these fences and gates in front of most apartment buildings. Comparing this postcard to current Google Maps view it appears that the photo above predates the large Common Cup building at the corner of Morse and Greenview.

The outer original brick walled balconies have been replaced with iron railings. Part of the long marble columns that once helped support the front balconies now make up part of the front fence. No evidence of the building to the south either. Two of the trees (Andy and Alfred) have survived into later adulthood. They now obscure the third floor facade from street view.

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