Friday, October 24, 2014

North Of Howard - The Gated Community Of Rogers Park

Road Closed at Clark and Juneway

The other side of North of Howard now has an unmanned checkpoint. Couple weeks ago Jonquil and Sheridan had a police manned barricade. Per Mike Klotz the road closed fence is pushed back to the middle of Juneway at night. Has been for the past few days at least.

North of Howard is the site of a disproportionate amount of gunfire and violence on the far north side. A weird sub neighborhood (no man's land) that became part of Chicago by default.  Two major chokepoints; to the east Sheridan and Jonquil and here (Clark and Juneway). Cruisers are usually positioned at Howard/Paulina and Ashland.

Evanston Police conduct impromptu seat belt and speed checks on Sheridan by the graveyard time and again. How about gun checks going in and out of NOH?

NOH becomes a de facto gated community with these street barriers. Evanston years ago walled off its entry point to NOH at Chicago and Mulford. Streets can tie communities together or divide them. Another example of poor Evanston/Chicago connectivity? Custer is north/south north of Howard and Damen is south bound only south of Howard.

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Chicagoans and Noh'ers not welcome in Evanston?
No cross walk, no bike path, just vegetation to block the view.
Foreground Chicago, Background Evanston


mcl said...

Please provide verification of your statement regarding the amount of gun fire NoH compared to other areas of RoPa. Also, the barriers were installed during the street repaving on Juneway and Jonquil. Further, it's Chicago Avenue and Haskins, not Clark and Juneway.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Looking at the photo above why is it Haskins and Chicago? The street signs should be replaced otherwise.

That side of the street is Chicago so it would make more sense if it was Clark.

Data regarding gunfire? Will work on that, Clearmap is a good resource.

mcl said...

Clark Street North of Howard is Evanston on both side, and it's Chicago Avenue.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Duro Art's Address is
1832 W Juneway Terrace

The "L" tracks and its yard is on Chicago Property as is that last little but of Juneway. Therefore the Chicago side of Chicago ave is Clark right there.

Note on this map on the tiniest little bit of Chicago makes it via Juneway Terrace to claim some of Chicago Ave as Clark Street.

Pretty weird and pretty cool.

Borders are usually quite irregular.
Geography is bizarre.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

oops this map.....

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Interestingly the apartment building at 7748 N Haskins has zero floors, zero apartments and was built in the year zero.

It also has an unknown amount of problems probably stemming from the fact that it is unknown when it was last renovated.