Thursday, October 23, 2014

"The Breakers" Own Private Beach?

October 5th 2014

How do you get from here to there? How far out into Lake Michigan does someone have to wade so as to not trespass? Does the private beach get bigger when its frozen? If the lake overtakes the beach for a few decades destroying the sign what then?

Any type of apocalypse anything goes. In the meantime what happens to interlopers? Are they captured and held in dungeon of the Breakers? Do they walk the plank at Farwell Pier? Fall off a boat in the middle of the night and wash ashore? Is that okay?

Internet standbys Chicago Curbed, Yo Chicago, and have all done write ups on this exclusive, off limits beach. Funny thing is most days its empty. Maybe the lords in the tower like it that way. Of course this writer walked all the way back to Jarvis back to Sheridan and then down to Sherwin to photograph the other side. Naturally.

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Victor Zwinklis said...

Why worry about this beach when there are so many public beaches out there. It is not that big and is rocky. Perhaps the signs are needed for insurance reasons. If someone got injured on the property or drowned it may need to be covered by their insurance which would drive up the premium if allowed.