Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Your Tree Is Only Mostly Dead

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Now that summer is finally here - take a look at your parkway trees - are they dead? 

You cannot tell if your tree is dead during the winter time - but now in the summer - if there are no leaves upon your tree - it is dead.

Some trees are 100% dead.  Some trees are 40% dead.  Some trees are 80% dead.  But you cannot tell this in winter time - just now that summer is here.

Call 311 for removal of your 100% dead tree.  Call 311 for trimming of your 40% dead tree.  If your tree is 80% dead, call 311 and tell them to do something about it.  Then wait.

You may have trees or shrubs on your personal private property that are dead.  Last winter was brutal.  Trim off the dead bits that might fall and damage something else or some body perhaps...

Lorraine Dostal

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