Sunday, July 6, 2014

Take Care Of Your Fireplug!

Jogging is great exercise. When you're done though you don't have much to show for it except a sweaty t-shirt, sore legs, shortness of breath and extreme thirst.

Getting off your duff and taking five minutes to put caps back on your hydrant isn't too much to ask. City services use the hydrant and sometimes they forget to recap them. You aren't gonna call 311 and ask the city to do it, are ya?

This particular hydrant sits at Damen and Lunt. Single family homes dominate this vital east-west thoroughfare of Rogers Park. Neighbors should have enough pride in their block to take care of business like this.

A functioning hydrant and the fire department are the last line in defense in saving you and your house (apartment, condo, 2-3 flat, etc) from disaster. Ultimately its in your own self interest to keep your johnny pump happy. Besides a hydrant with no caps looks like hell.

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