Friday, July 11, 2014

And Now A Giraffe For Rogers Ave "L" Viaduct

The artist busy looking busy for the iPhone

Ben Bauman has resumed working on his mural @ the Rogers Avenue viaduct. For awhile there it seemed that someone had just decided to put up a cheetah for the hell of it last fall. Most of his mural work is on display in Madison, Wisconsin. He is very happy to have the opportunity to gain some exposure in Chicago.

Like most artists its hard to find time to do your real work. He is busy with two or three other jobs right now. Next up a Zebra and an African tribal background. It does look sharp an unfinished background. The contrast of the unfinished pillars should still make this scene "pop".

Ben doesn't have a website yet but he has uploaded some stuff to Flickr. When he finds the keywords or link hopefully he can share that with Chevanston so that we may ooh and aah over more his paintings.

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