Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mucking Mess @ 7500 N Rogers

Fresh sod now adorns the parkways of the irregular Ashland/Rogers/Birchwood intersection. The city has a man with a water truck come by every few days to hose it down. And most of it looks smashing save the parkway of 7500 N Rogers.

Cars routinely cut the corner short into the alley ruining the fresh sod job. Adding insult to injury the sewer is backed up turning the mouth of the alley into a giant mud puddle.

7500 N Rogers for low income housing is by and large a nice looking building. The front is hidden from view. Upon closer inspection one address numeral has fallen down and another hangs loose.

One very curious thing about the building. A Porshe Cayenne has been parked outback for the past year. Discussing this with a fellow neighbor got the following response, "I've given up on Rogers Park and all its inconsistencies".

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Odd juxtaposition

Part 2 - The rest of the intersection looks great as you can see below. Cross walk markings now visible, well watered sod and freshly poured sidewalks really make a difference. In the second shot you can see the 415 Howard building @ Evanston, Illinois. The inspiration behind the name of this blog.

Still no painted cross walk across Rogers north of Ashland though.

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