Saturday, July 5, 2014

Public Urination @ Marshfield Avenue

A regular emailed this photo to Chevanston earlier today. Best to not approach public pee-ers close up. Just yell from far away that its not cool to piss on a public street. 7400 N Marshfield just can't catch a break. Illegal parking, litter and now a lady dropping trou.

Two men were there to shield her from public view. You can see one chivalrous man doing his job. Only with extreme close up can you see the squatting woman.

Um miss, you do realize that this is a public street and kids are playing in the park over there? I'm sure Sol Cafe or some other nearby respectable business (like Subway on Paulina) would be more than happy to let you use their facilities. That's one good thing about getting a BK nearby. We need a good defacto public bathroom.

After the photo she got up and left with the two men in search of a decent place to relieve herself.

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