Friday, July 4, 2014

4th Of July Shooting On Birchwood Avenue

Transcript from ABC 7 News July 5th 8:02 am

"Later in the 1500 block of west Birchwood (that's in the Rogers Park neighborhood) another police involved shooting. In this case police officers said they approached a man drinking beer on the street. Investigators say he yelled to them, " I have a gun  you'll have to shoot me". And then he reached into his waistband. That's when they opened fire. He was shot and seriously wounded. This is still under investigation. None of the police officers were injured."

First reports of gunplay appeared on Twitter soon after 11:30 am 7/4/14.

Last updated 7/6/14 7:57 am

Please continue reading for more pictures and words

Peter Nickeas "Dispatcher asking for star # of the officer involved in a shooting, 2431 is the paper car, 1500 W Birchwood in Rogers Park #chicagoscanner" and then "Number pulled for aggravated assault to a police officer with a handgun in Rogers Park. #chicagoscanner"

Paper car probably refers to an officer writing tickets. Paper hanger is CB slang for police giving out speeding tickets.

Around 4 pm yesterday one eyewitness was talking to his friend about the incident. He was saying that the man shot was laughing and was telling the cop thanks for shooting him. The shooting victim didn't have a gun on him though. And he was taken to St Francis for treatment of his GSW's.

Crime scene (Birchwood was blocked off Ashland to Greenview) closed down sometime between 4:30 pm and 5 pm yesterday. published the most complete summary of events. The only problem is that no pictures from the scene-of-crime were used. Making the event less real or important. Doesnt have reporter/producers? Maybe they need some decent photogs as well. Did the reporter interview the authorities in person? Or did they just sit comfortably at home and have the details spoon fed to them?

If you don't have pictures from the scene then how about using someone elses?

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