Sunday, July 20, 2014

Out Of Towners To Chicagoans - Don't Walk This Way

Wayne and Farwell yesterday

An outlander decided a parking spot was more important that pedestrian access this past weekend. Not sure if this Hoosier's Nissan got a ticket but the infraction was called in Saturday and today. Apparently you can get in trouble for not paying Chicago parking tickets even if you reside in Indiana.

Yesterday an Acura from Georgia blocked the sidewalk at Greenview and Chase.

People in wheelchairs, walkers, strollers have enough trouble getting around in summer with all the street corners torn up. Visitors should respect the same laws in effect at home when travelling across America. covered neighbors outrage over workmen blocking sidewalks on Everyblock. Maybe someone should investigate why guests with amnesia are clogging up our walkways.

At least the butterflies weren't disturbed.

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7-19-14 at least the Georgian got a ticket
7-20-14 Road hoggin Hoosier

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frogmsb said...

The hoosier got a ticket!