Friday, July 11, 2014

Still Not Okay

Even though someone took down the no parking tow zone sign (last year when it was still up) this park job is still illegal. You can't park in an alley without your flashers on. This is where Marshfield Avenue meets the alley just north of Louis Dubkin Park.

When people openly skirt the law knowing that no one cares is not a nice place to live. Its not up to the tenants to keep things looking good and up to snuff. Whose job is it then? The landlord who collects the rent.

Problem is so many landlords take a hands off approach leaving it all up to a building super and or management company. Without oversight things like this happen. A forgotten corner of the city where people think its okay to squat down and take a pee break.

Needless to say this was called in. Plenty of legal parking still around this time of day. Worse case scenario there is the Gateway Parking Garage right around the corner on Rogers Ave.

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