Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Jargowood Address Project"

unknown garage in Jarvis/Fargo alley 

Jnauts & Friends

City Ordinance requires that you display your address at the front and rear of your property - so the firetrucks and police cars can find you when you call for HELP - makes sense, eh?

The CAPS 24th District has FREE NUMBERS - so you can post them at the front and rear of your property - they are self stick (just peel off the backing) and they stick to brick and wood and metal and all sorts of building materials.  They are BIG NUMBERS - approximately 8 inches high.  and they are REFLECTIVE NUMBERS too so they glow in the headlights of the approaching emergency rescue vehicle and the police and firemen can actually read them when they respond to your call for HELP.

To request (say please) your FREE BIG REFLECTIVE self sticking NUMBERS get in touch with Mayra Gomez at (312) 744-6321 or via email

If you are greedy, you could request two (2) sets - one for the front of your property and one for the rear of your property.....Mayra says she can deliver them to you because she wants to meet more community residents and help them get involved in the CAPS program.

Please continue reading for more pictures and words

another mysterious garage - Birchwood/Fargo alley

If you see a crime in progress - drugs or gang activity - call 911 - police resources (money and men) are allocated based on the number of 911 requests/calls in a given geographic area - so if you don't call 911, then there is no crime happening in your neighborhood.  You can request a "silent dispatch" where they send instructions via computer not radio - and you can be "anonymous" if you don't want your name broadcast on the radio - and you should give the most exact address you can for the problem and describe the people involved as best you can.

Curfew Hours - for kids under 12 years old - 8:30 pm Sunday thru Thursday and 9 pm Friday and Saturday - for kids 12-16 years old - 10 pm Sunday thru Thursday and 11 pm Friday and Sunday - unless escorted and under the supervision of an Adult.

Mayra says that these numbers are really sticky and if you put them on the "wrong way" or upside down or not in the right order - it will be really really hard to peel them off and do it over again - so be careful with your FREE BIG REFLECTIVE self sticking NUMBERS.

Thanks to Mayra for attending our Jargowood meeting July 1 and also to Mike Land from Ald Moore's office -

Lorraine Dostal

where is heck is this car storage?

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