Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ridge House Has Gone To The DAWGS

7245 N Ridge is nigh invulnerable courtesy of Door And Window Guard Systems. The people illegally occupying the vacant house were evicted earlier this month. Potential squatters will have a much tougher time gaining access to this old craftsman house. Basement, porch and first floor windows are walled off. No trespassing is posted in a couple places with emergency contact info.

DAWGS Chicago headquarters is located on the far west side (8770 W Bryn Mawr Ave). This vacant property security company reminds us how squatters, vandals and thieves get in.

Independent research has shown that 95% of break-ins occur on the sides or back of vacant property because those openings are concealed and less visible to passers-by.

A funny question.

9. Do DAWGS block out air and sunlight? No. Our window guards are specially constructed to allow in natural light and fresh air.

And a unique feature of the DAWGS system.

15. Do you have a keyless entry system? I may need people to access the property when I’m not there.
Yes. DAWGS door guards can be outfitted with a Frequent Access Security Tool (FAST) that allows anyone with access to open the tamper-proof lock without a key

The housing bubble and collapse of the market was a boon to vacant property security (links to Chevanston coverage of rival firm in Chicago) companies.

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