Sunday, March 8, 2015


In Silent Theatre, no one can hear you scream

What's a retropost? An entry you didnt have time to post in a timely fashion or something about an old fashioned topic. Like peanut butter and jelly, the Silent Theatre Company of Chicago and its old school bus.  OONA* replaces STOP on the mechanical arm naturally.

Maybe Nosferatu (STCC's last production which ran from October 19th until November 23rd) got a ticket would've been a better tagline. Buster (formerly known as Pandora's bus?) did get busted this past March 3rd. March lately has been coming in like a lion.

STCC is now celebrating its ten year anniversary. Their HQ is in Wicker Park but they do have a tour bus as they put on shows at various playhouses like the Chopin and Athenaeum.

* if you really don't know what Oona refers to you are truly ignorant of the history of silent film. Charlie Chaplin ( who filmed his some of his earliest pictures in Chicago's Uptown Essanay studios) had a very long motion picture career. He had a total of four marriages. The last woman he married was Oona O'neill with whom he had eight children.

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