Monday, March 23, 2015

CLOSED - Please Call Again - Will Return Never

Despite the eye catching LED Bed and Mattress Outlet is no more. It first opened just over a year ago.

The proliferation of light emitting diode to commercial storefronts helps illuminate otherwise dark corners. Drawing in more business and customers? Probably not. In may cases the cheaper and flashier alternative to neon serves to accentuate the seedier side of Chicago.

Problem with this location? Too small and irregular for decent showroom or storage. Limited hours - closing at 7 pm everyday and closed on Sundays. This triangle shaped storefront with so many windows is a natural for a cafe or restaurant.

Whoever thought you would or could walk down the street to go pick out a bed? In ye olden days you made the trek downtown to some warehouse or department store. Now most main streets and malls have a bed store. You can't download a crib and its nice to try out before having it delivered.

Mattress Firm, Sleepys, American Mattress, Verlo, Mattress King, etcetera. Not very exciting but it pays the bills and everyone sleeps.

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