Monday, March 2, 2015

The Jules Verne Room

After a long day of investigating the supernatural, deep sea diving, office work, whatever nothing beats taking a break and having a submarine sandwich is this classic nautical restaurant (Captain Nemo's at Clark and Jarvis).

Instead of windows the first floor has eight port holes. Four captain chairs are waiting for you and your crew to hang out. Be on the look out for giant squids, enormous whales and out of control drivers. Who knew that plants that could survive on such little sunlight? Mr Nemo specially bred them himself to prevent scurvy (fresh tomatoes) and for when he got homesick for the surface.

The best deal is the half sub, cup of soup and soft drink.

In the same location since 1971. For many hidden in plain site. It does need an update but part of the charm is the fact it isn't. The original radiators line the entrance and burble behind the trash bins and tables. Eighties era neon celebrates the arrival of the cash machine.

This past teatime this sailor grabbed the current extra large edition of the News-Star and caught up on the fascinating details of local property assessment.

If you haven't checked it out tie your craft to an open spot at the dock or just drop anchor. They even have a spot for those on the run from pirates. Jump overboard, swim over and grab a torpedo then continue on to parts unknown.

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