Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Where In Rogers Park Is It Most Fun To Play Pac-Man?

Looks like this totally stochastic new Google Maps feature debuted today. Certain maps are more amusing to play and some have more power pellets.

Can anyone guess what streets these are in Rogers Park?  What is that short diagonal street going northwest? Or is it a street at all?

The variations are almost endless. Cemeteries make for a pretty tough game board. Its where the ghosts usually hang out. First tweet from Google re Pac-Maps this morning at 9:52. Apparently this isn't a permanent new feature? It should be. Many articles mention this is an April Fools prank?

Some places are not conducive to playing Pac-Man. Not enough exits, entrances or intersections. If this is temporary there is no time to waste. Terminate your current project, plans, business deal and check it out.

Forbes lists some crazy locales to try out.

Please continue reading for more games and for location of above maze

The diagonal street above is the alley that traverses Jarvis to Fargo. Its used by Elite Welding to do body work.

Morse "L" Pac-map

Clark and Greenleaf
Devon and Sheridan
Calvary Cemetery
Clark and Northshore
Howard and Clark
BONUS - Graceland Cemetery
Downtown Evanston

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