Sunday, March 1, 2015

Like Fine Wine - Glenwood Ave

Brick paved Glenwood may be a pothole haven. Large portions are simply well worn.

Google image old asphalt road. No wonder we don't have an old part of town with century old cement or blacktop. Cracks, disintegration and many instances brick road reemerges.

Most brick roads in Chicago nowadays are alleys (West Randolph) or underpasses (Peoria). Tucked away hidden corners of the city. Most car paths here are anchored by old brickwork.

Joe Moore 49th ward alderman helped get the ball rolling on fixing this stretch of Glenwood with participatory budgeting in 2013. Dnainfo reports that the state (our Rep Kelly Cassidy) is pitching in with near matching funds to help restore Glenwood from Lunt to Glenwood.

Not mentioned or yet slated for repair is two way brick Wayne Avenue. It's dead end Mayne Stage with its classic facade matches the vintage road perfectly.

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