Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Welcome to Chicago

When you leave or enter Evanston signs (oh god the signs!) either welcome you or hope you hurry back soon. At Howard and Western in Chicago you are greeted by a gentleman in a wheelchair begging for change. Some people have a hard time seeing this man.

He says the money is good. Apparently being run over is worth the risk. His name is.... none of your business. Maybe he's from Toronto? Or just a fan of the Blue Jays? Yesterday was a nice day for panhandling at the city limits.

A stark reminder of the difference between the burbs and life in the big city. He's on the right side of street. If he plied his trade on the Evanston side he would be given the old heave ho before he could gather up enough money for coffee. On the city side this is par for the course. Hey, whaddya gonna do?

He's been at it for the past year or so. Usually he's on Western just south of Howard. This time he was in the middle of Howard. Hopefully something is done about this dangerous situation before he or anyone else is seriously injured or killed. In one of the photos he looks bored, resting his weary head on his arm.

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