Friday, March 20, 2015

SAVE - Live To Race Another Day

Number 47, Runge Roach Racer is back from a day of demolition derby at Sycamore Speedway. It was towed back to homebase (7478 N Rogers) for repairs and an overhaul. You have to spray paint save on the car after the derby if you don't want your heap hauled off to the scrap yard.

Tim Rungee and his son Austin have been racing in Maple Park, Illinois for the past fifteen years. They haven't missed a single weekend. When they arent't tearing up the track in the hinterlands of Chicago the pair put in long hours fixing customers cars and their pet projects.

On his off hours the younger Rungee toils late into the night on his own street stock car. If you look carefully at Austin's car you will notice that the headlights are decals. Modified for racing and definitely not street legal.

Dirt track racing is the most popular and common auto racing in the United States. Top seeds at the Sycamore track are usually 70-80 mph. If you're looking for some excitement maybe drive out west and cheer on our local race car drivers.

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