Friday, February 27, 2015

Guardian Gryphons

Like something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Morning sunlight pierces the ad hoc entrance of the apartment building on Howard; revealing the archaic original.

Griffins indifferent to the cold stoically watch over the entrance. No loitering and no trespassing warnings are superfluous. Should anyone threaten the safety of the occupants the bas relief gargoyles will emerge from their stony slumber.

Ever been bitten by an eagle with the strength of a lion? Having done some research into the matter for a previous case this writer can tell you its not pretty.  Ancient literature on the subject was hidden under some dusty scrolls in the back of the rare books room (downtown at the Newberry library).Its a long story. Merek had wanted to find out what happened to his family in the Middle Ages.

Anyways griffins when hungry will pluck an ox up from the farmstead and fly away to their mountain retreat to feast. One strange gryphon made a Jell-O ad. Best to not interact with them unless its unavoidable. They are unpredictable.

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