Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Precrime Or Crime Prevention

People love to click to check out the results of accidents and mayhem. Not always so interested in the  smaller infractions that lead to death and injury. After the fact investigators figure out what caused the tragedy.

Constant reaction is not a fun way to move through life. Situations happen over and over again that could and should be prevented. Apathy to everyday misdeeds causes more work later on. The man waiting for the school bus says, "that guy always parks like that".

This intersection of Birchwood and Ashland is surrounded by large apartment buildings. Structures so large that the owners or managers or conglomerates that own them don't take a personal interest in what's going on at the corner. Plenty of single family homes nearby. Even so, the geography of the area leads to indifference. Hey its such a public place who knows? Whatever. It's not my problem. Until one day it is.

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