Friday, February 20, 2015

Frozen Fargo Beach

Fargo's rock pile recently lost its pole from rough waves. The warning which shooed people away from the rocks is no more. There isn't a strong undercurrent or riptide right now. Certain death lies beneath the unstable lake ice.

While this winters ice cover is impressive it doesn't hold a candle to last annum. People routinely walked their dogs east of the rockpile in 2014. There was also a footpath from Fargo to Howard Street Beach

The lakefront's change in appearance from year to year is dramatic. Ice caves dominate the shoreline in 2015. One of the neanderthals left a beer bottle behind.

Chicago Park District flag system is out of commision. No lifeguard on duty. Some people like to swim in winter. For some reason the Rogers Park Polar Bear Club never caught on.

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