Saturday, February 14, 2015

Future Site Of Factory Theater?

This is what 1621-23 west Howard looks circa early 2015. It would've been much cooler if the theater could've been larger and in the central part of the old Howard Theatre Building. You gotta start somewhere.

According to Joe Moore's email blast the 2015-16 season will start off with "Zombie Broads" (Supposed to open September 25th with previews starting September 18th). It will be an eighty seat "THRUST" theater. According to Theatre Design a thrust type stage is "oldest known fixed type of staging in the world, and it is thousands of years old!" A thrust stage has an audience on three sides. The down side for queasy guests are the vomitory entrances (through the aisles). Not really nausea inducing, just from the Latin vomere to "disgorge" spectators.

No official opening date yet. Keep your fingers crossed. We know that not everything pans out (Aguas Tortas). Factory Theater  posted a picture of playbill mocked up onto one of the Howard Theatre marquees. "When you turn 23 It's time to get your own place. Season 23 at 1621-23"

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