Monday, February 2, 2015

After Superbowl Snow Squall All Bets Are Off OR When Its Okay To Park On The Sidewalk

If you can't walk on the foot pavement after twenty inches of snow then you are allowed to park your pickup wherever. As long as you clear a path. If Chicago got twenty inches a day people walking the streets becomes the norm. Fat bikes replace ten speeds, fixed gears and mountain bikes. Four wheelers instead of motorcycles, skis not roller blades.

Chi Streetsblog is a humbugger. They say you can't park on sidewalks. But they aren't taking into account the occasional snow blast. Parking on the sidewalk under normal circumstance will piss off most city folk, including the Expired Meter. But there are some circumstance where you can get away with it.

The deluge of snowflakes temporarily shuts down the city. People have to roll up their sleeves and take it back however conventionally or unorthodox. The Gateway mall four wheelers were out this morning have a good time on Rogers.

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